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Hurray, I’m online!

After working as an IT professional for more than ten years now, developing software for countless high-traffic web presences, I finally decided to go online with my own personal website.

The idea basically arose from my wish to park several domains related to my name before someone else does it (unfortuneately andre-noack.de has already been taken). So I checked several providers who offer domain registration and found out that it’s pretty pointless to just park the domains because I just have to pay a small amount extra to get some webspace on top. And if I have some webspace, I should use if for something useful 😉

I stop at this point before I get too much into the technical details. This blog is not about my profession (which would probably be very boring for the majority of the readers), but about my biggest hobbies which are photography, travel and travel photography. As you can imagine, I’m not able to travel every single week. That’s why this blog will mainly focus on topics around photography.

I’m not a professional photographer nor did I enjoy any kind of education in this field. But I’m very interested, read a lot of books and articles and figured out some things on my own by checking out different techniques. And some of my friends even like my photograph (at least they told me so). I hope you will like it too!

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  1. Dann mal viel Spaß beim bloggen – werde ab und an mal reinschauen – Dein Photographiestil gefällt mir jedenfalls sehr! Chapeaux! Viele Grüße, Johannes

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